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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Still At It With X

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A week or so, completely by accident because the TNT basketball coverage spilled over, I discovered “Southland,” a police drama set in LA. I like it a lot for a number of reasons, one of them being the extent to which it features the city. I like it, but…

In one episode, the daughter of a somewhat crazed detective goes to a rave and takes Ecstasy. He and a couple of his cop friends go to the rave the find her. At first, she’s really happy and calls him on his cell to tell him how much she loves him. He responds by telling her to drink water. Drink water???!! They’re still on that, the absurd myth that MDMA, a substance Your Humble Servant took fairly recently and in the distant past, causes potentially fatal dehydration, although the supposed cases brought forward involved individuals who had been drinking and dancing for hours. Even the anti-drug people hedge their language when talking about this supposedly dangerous side-effect. Nevertheless, the myth lives on in TV show dialog. I should add that at the end of the episode, the daughter comes to the cop, and she is wiped out and weepy, clearly remorseful about her “dangerous” behavior.


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