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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bud Light: Selling Drunken Sex II

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For whatever reason, my post yesterday about the current Bud Light commercials garnered the highest number of hits of any entry I have ever made on this blog. Maybe it was just that it said “Bud Light,” and everyone is so excited about the product because of those commercials. Maybe it’s that people are sick and tired of the pervasive hypocrisy surrounding the relationship of alcohol to sex. I’d love to hear from readers about why they tuned in here.

In case it wasn’t perfectly obvious, the point I was making about the commercial featuring the write-on labels is that they facilitate the classic “date rape” scenario: An incapacitated young woman gets together with a young man she does not know well… The entire purpose of the ad in question, as with the other Bud Light ads, is the selling of beer as an aid to getting laid. The message to young men is clear: DRUNK WOMEN ARE EASY. BUY OUR PRODUCT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. I have singled out the Bud Light spots because they appear to me to push this envelope more than similar ads by Miller, Coors, and others.

This is where so-called “date rape drugs” come into the picture for Anheuser-Busch and other companies that sell alcohol. While the public and the duly constituted authorities, both inside and outside law enforcement, chase after the “date rape drug” phantom, the corporate sellers of alcohol can continue unabated in their campaigns to market their legal products for use as stimulants to sex. I am not the only person to see the sad humor in the furor over these other drugs, and the hypocrisy involved. Nor is it out of the question that A-B and other alcohol distributors are involved, sub rosa, in creating an atmosphere of concern about “date rape drugs,” as part of a PR strategy, which they did in connection with the related issue of marketing beer to underage drinkers.



  1. Even though it’s deplorable that unscrupulous advertising sells beer to under-aged people, it’s a lot deeper than that. The problem isn’t beer or even alcohol. It’s unhappiness. Unhappy people tend to numb themselves with strong drink. It’s not to say that happy that people wouldn’t ever drink, but they would probably drink less, No one blatantly equates happiness with drunkenness except unhappy people. So, “in the absense of the Sun, the lesser stars come out.”

    Comment by annie wallack — Wednesday, 6 April 2011 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

    • Unhappy people often try to lose themselves in sex, as well. Therefore, a drug that numbs a person out and acts as a sexual “lubricant” answers a big need.

      As I was writing this, a Coors commercial came on, its emphasis on a new can design for Coors Light. For the punch line, a young man, stuck waiting while his girlfriend tries on clothes, says in reference to the new can, “I want to get my hands on that can!” At that exact moment, his girlfriend emerges from the dressing room in an attractive dress she’s trying on, her back turned toward him. Her reaction is flirtatiously feigned offense. Because the shot is from in front of her, we can see that she is actually delighted with his “ejaculation,” which she believes is about her “can.” Nuff said.

      Comment by drtone — Wednesday, 6 April 2011 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

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