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Saturday, 12 March 2011

At The Game

Filed under: Date Rape,Sex & Love — drtone @ 3:31 pm

Years ago, I was at an afternoon Padres game in what was then called Jack Murphy Stadium. The Padres had invited some Marines to the game, as they probably still do. The guys were sitting in the upper left field stands. It was a normal day in San Diego, which means that the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm (but not hot). About the third inning or so, at a volume that distracted from whatever was happening on the field, the section of the stands where the Marines were sitting erupted in cheers. Everybody in the stadium turned their eyes up in that direction, where a gorgeous blonde in a revealing one-piece bathing suit was parading in front of the troops, who were beside themselves. She strutted her stuff along the walkway in front of the Marines’ section, and then exited through one of the tunnels to the stadium concourse. It was an amazing moment.

After it was over, I thought, “Why is it that I don’t know a woman who would do that?” Then I realized that I had no way of knowing whether I knew a woman who would do that or not, and that I was simply in the habit of thinking of women as more inhibited than that blonde had been. My reaction demonstrated that I have as much trouble accepting women’s sexuality as the next guy, maybe as much as the guy who co-authored the date rape study I’ve been pillorying the last couple of daze.


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