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Monday, 14 February 2011

No News Is Still Good News

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In a previous post, I mentioned the temporary suspension of my self-imposed news blackout in order that I watch coverage of the Mubarak resignation. While watching that coverage, I heard and saw comments and commentators I found just as irritating as when I stopped watching the news. Initially, I had thought that I could perhaps return to following the news–at least the international news–but soon realized that I was falling into the same disturbing habits of thought and action that caused me to impose the blackout.

For example, I was exposed to an interview of Ken Pollack, who made his reputation by writing a book from a “liberal” perspective calling for the invasion of Iraq on the basis of the various dangers posed by the Hussein regime, particularly WMD. That he was wrong, as were so many others, has apparently not put a crimp in Pollack’s career: The reporter who interviewed him complimented for “bring[ing] a lot to the table.” What he brings is not obvious, but what is obvious is that those “experts” who supported the invasion have, by and large, maintained or enlarged their reputations and those who opposed it continue on the margins to which they were forced during that horrible and unnecessary war. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the terrible stupidity of this state of affairs.

I also heard a reporter quote Fuad Adjami to the effect that Mubarak’s agents used “Saddam-like” techniques to suppress Egyptian demonstrators. In other words, Adjami, among the keenest warmongers on the planet and perhaps the leading Arab neo-conservative, is still at it in characterizing Saddam Hussein as some sort of standard of evil. During the run-up to both the First (American) Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq,  The neo-cons continually asked whether Saddam was “the next Hitler,” as if such a comparison meant anything whatsoever. Although it was clear within months of the costly, brutal Iraq invasion that the conditions in Iraq that would succeed Hussein’s ouster were worse than those imposed by his regime, the main justification for a war that was a disaster by any other measure has been the “evil” of Hussein and his family. The supposed improvement in Iraq and the world is supposed to make up for the many genuine “evils” the war wrought.

Anyway, see how I go on. I can’t stand it. I must not listen to, watch or read the news.


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    Comment by fahrrad elektromotor — Monday, 21 February 2011 @ 4:55 am | Reply

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