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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The New Year In Earnest

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For me, the so-called holiday season does not end until my birthday, 8 January, a week after New Year’s Day, two weeks after Xmas, and otherwise known as Elvis’s Birthday. Although the years vary, at some time or another, starting about a week before Xmas and extending at least a few daze past my birthday, I go into a funk. Of course, I analyze to death my life in the previous year, and in the years before it. I mean “to death.”

I guess that today is one of those daze. It’s cold and my furnace stopped working. An electric heater unevenly warms my living room. The rest of the house is cold. Even the kitchen is a bit too chilly. For the last half hour or so, the afternoon sun has warmed the living room, but that’s always a bit too much when it’s happening, as is the case presently. I turned off the heater and already can feel a patch of cold. The furnace is crap when it is working. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

I am not in a good mood. Most of the day, I have continued the clerical nightmare of figuring out the continuing education piece of renewing my California psych license. Yesterday, I panicked when I realized that I couldn’t find documentation of a couple of one-unit courses I took online a couple of months ago. I found that today, only to discover that I need to fulfill not only a “law & ethics” requirement, but also a one-time requirement of courses on spousal abuse and aging (neither of which I need because I’ve been married and am aging). Another $100 or more out the door, in addition to the $410 renewal fee. I had been operating under the illusion that I was more or less done collecting CEUs over a year ago, when I received 30 hours for a hypnosis course. Fuck “renewal.”


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