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Friday, 17 December 2010

Premature Evacuation

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I was at my office last night for a five o’clock appointment with a couple. They always call to say if they’re going to be even a little bit late. I was therefore surprised when they didn’t show up by 5:10, by which time they surely would have called. I usually leave at quarter past the hour on a no-show, if I have no one else coming.( I used to wait until twenty after, but nobody ever showed in the additional five minutes.) Anyway, I left. Over an hour later, when I had been home for a while, I got a call from the couple, from him, actually. They had been in Wal-Mart, realized they were running late, and tried to call, but discovered that the phone with my number in it had died. They were apologetic, and said they’d pay for the session, but I feel like I ran out on them. I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s that I was feeling out of sorts, uncomfortable while I was waiting. I had gotten to my office early for a combination of reasons. So it was a long wait. Although I’m not going crazy about it yet, I do have a biopsy coming up on Monday, and that’s gotten to me a couple of times in the last day or so. Also, my friend Annie left yesterday. I miss her. These probably combined to produce the discomfort I was feeling. I got restless, and left as soon as I thought was polite.I don’t know if there’s a bottom line here.


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