Cognition & Reality

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Filed under: Perennial Philosophy — drtone @ 10:48 am

This morning when I was on the can, I watched a bug–a generic bug–crawling around the floor of the bathroom. The bug did not seem quite right, kind of wobbly. Perhaps it was sick, or near the end of its short life.

Mostly, it hung out near the wall opposite me, which is off-white, occasionally trying to climb the molding. It also seemed to like the bright white strip along the outside of the tub, perpendicular to the favored wall. A couple of times it took off across the main part of the floor, which is a sort of fake wood laid out in rectangles. While it crawled across the floor, it would sometimes hug a line. It also hugged the line made by the bath mat directly in front of me. Overall, it favored lighter areas. The bug seemed daunted by any place it had to climb, and fell several times. It also danced in circles, looking confused or was possibly succumbing to whatever was wrong with it.

As I watched, I could not help identify with the  bug. It could be that, although I seem to know where I am and what I’m doing, I’m really crawling along in total confusion, mistaking lighter areas for The Light. It could also be that I occasionally hug a line, thinking that it leads somewhere, when all it does it lead to the edge of another “rectangle.”


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