Cognition & Reality

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Discomfort Zone

The discomfort zone includes the darker corners of yourself where you feel unhappy and disturbed. You know what the discomfort zone is like: Your stomach churns, your neck tightens, your jaw clenches, and your mind races with unpleasant thoughts. The nausea, the pressure seem unbearable. One’s first thought on entering this zone is, “Get me outta here!” Consequently, the discomfort zone becomes a punishment in itself.

But what if you decide to stay in the discomfort zone. What if you start to explore the place, with its oppressive climate, complete with tsetse flies, crocodiles, and all manner of frightening predator? What if you take up residence in the Heart of Darkness, and start mining for the gold in the “horrible” feelings you find there? What then?


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