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Friday, 15 October 2010

God Of The Ice Crystals

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A client gave me The Hidden Messages in Water, by Masuru Emoto. It’s the book with the pretty photos of ice crystals, by the guy who figured out how to take such photos. As the title indicates, Emoto (great name!) believes that, through the shape of the ice crystals that form in it, water can not only reflect what we see, but also what we feel. For example, if there are two jars of water, one labeled “Love and Gratitude,” and the other “You fool!,” the former will produce beautiful ice crystals, and the latter deformed crystals.

Emoto appeals to science in describing the spiritual dimension of water. He’s done many studies and demonstrations. He also believes that water came to earth, essentially one drop at a time, from outer space, a theory advanced by a respected astrophysicist. His enthusiasm is refreshing, but I can’t see the same things in the many photos included in the book that Emoto can. He exposed vats of water to different kinds of music and to photographs of various places around the world, and claims to be able to differentiate the crystals that result. Mostly, the crystals look pretty, but I don’t see how the crystal “shown” a photo of Machu Picchu “reminds us of the glory of the Incan Empire.” To me, it looks a lot like the crystal from New York City tap water. The double crystals supposedly formed in water exposed to tango music…what can I say?

For Emoto, the “hidden messages” in water are about the importance of love and especially gratitude to individual happiness and world peace. I guess I didn’t need a glass of water to tell me that. Water, furthermore, is the most spiritual of the natural elements; of that there can be no doubt. The book is in places quite funny, if unintentionally, and the photos are great, whatever messages they may convey.


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