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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Good News, Bad News

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Lately, I’ve been playing with the idea that, within broad limits, the good news is the bad news and the bad news is the good news. For example, my wife divorced me three years ago…forcing me to awake from my dogmatic slumbers and giving me a chance for a new life. But the new life has its own sometimes painful challenges: Back to the bad news again. In reciting the old saw about “taking lemons and making lemonade,” it is often forgotten that without the lemons there could be no lemonade. So are the “lemons” bad news or good news?


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  1. Good Morning! There is no bad news. There is only news. Good and bad are interpretations of events that essentially are up for grabs. In my world, there is no good or bad except for “thinking makes it so.” I will go one step further. I have decided to take the guess work out of my life by taking the stand that “everything is good.” In this I am not wasting a whole lot of time thinking about what is good or bad but taking the time to find the good. Judgement cost me most of my life until the day I knew there was no bad in ANYTHING. This might seem to be a radical approach to living. It doesn’t make me a blindly optomistic person. I just don’t see that there is bad or good, just choices that are painful or not. When everything is good, then the challenge is to take what looks like “bad” and find the good in it. I find that if I look at what feels bad to me and examine it more closely, I can usually find a way to see that there was good there all along, hiding from my awareness because I was trained to spend my life deciding what is good and bad, but from the new perspective “everything’s good”, I can take what looks bad and make a different choice. I can choose to see that I did my best in every circumstance, for instance, and see that my best is really the best I could do. I can see that everyone was doing their best from their perspective. I can find a way to move forward in my life without accusing myself of wrong doing. I can hold my head up high and say that my choices afford me opportunities to learn and grow. When I’m down and in the dumps it’s usually because I have inadvertently seen something as wrong or bad. It is usually because I have inadvertently gone back to trying to make good and bad out of things. If I take the time to love myself enough to see the good, then I can lift myself up even when or especially when I have temporarily lost sight of “the good” or God if that word is appropriate. I am through deciding that some of the things I did were wrong and bad and that some of the things I did were good. That took so much time. I am through with ruminating about things like that. I have achieved a new level of communication with myself. I am a lot freer for it. There is a trap in having to decide whether things are good or bad. It is deadly. I found that it ate up my days with endless worrying. DId I do the right thing? Will I regret my choices. Will I never know the truth? Bla bla. IT was HELL. Now, even though I find some of my interpretations to be dark on some days, I am able to find a way out of this predicament. It’s all good. AT ALL TIMES THERE IS ONLY GOOD. There is no such thing as badness. That is the lie. I have thrown out the lie. I am good. The choices that I make are good. I had nothing to lose except the seemingly endless struggle to judge myself and other people for what might be good or bad. I hope this make sense. It makes perfect sense to me. I have a platform now from which to operate. A place where I can heal my judgements from my past, and a future in which I can anticipate that I will find more and more goodness. In a way I am free already. If I still struggle, I have a way to understand why. I am more human than ever before when I was trying to be so good. I can be responsible to see the good in my actions and the actions of others. There are no bad people in my world now, only people who are making choices. They may not be my choices, and their choices may affect me, but I choose to see that I am now in charge of my world. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Comment by annie wallack — Thursday, 9 September 2010 @ 11:27 am | Reply

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