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Monday, 11 May 2009

Fan Dance Of The Nukes

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As I suggested in an earlier post, the existence of open secrets about government policy is a symptom of authoritarian rot and government clumsiness. Such pretense undermines legitimate government and fosters contempt for the law. The running joke among Soviet workers was, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” 

At his first White House press conference, President Obama blew off Helen Thomas when she pointedly asked about “other” Middle Eastern countries, besides Iran, who have nuclear weapons. Everyone knows that Israel has dozens of nukes. It is probably the case that Israel wants this information floating around, because it incites the very fear that makes nukes worth having. OTOH, they can’t admit publicly to having the weapons, because that would put them in violation of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and of long-standing public agreements with the United States. 

Of course, it’s unhealthy for the President of the United States to have to dissimilate in the East Room in service of commitments to Israel and its supporters in this country. He’s the President; they are clients. What is more unhealthy is for our government to act in accord with a fantasy that no one believes. No more pretending!


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